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Stepping Through The Resume Process

Applying for a job can be a job in itself. With resumes, selection criteria, CVs, references, contact details, the list goes on, it's no wonder it's a struggle every time you embark on the whole application process.

Therefore it is most important that we actually know how to write a resume before we put pen to paper.

So what really needs to be included and which items can you leave out? First you need to look at our Resume Secrets Online Review and also the Secrets To Resume Writing

A resume or CV is a summary document of your skills, training and work experiences paid and unpaid. Unfortunately it seems to be expected that we naturally have the ability and know what to write in our resumes, however this is not always the case.

The modern resume needs to include information that covers the following areas:

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Education
  • Certificates or qualifications
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Employment history
  • Referee contact details

You need to be honest in the information you provide and be able to back up any qualifications with copies of certificates or licences. Now that you know what you need to write include in your resume let’s talk about what you can you leave out.

Secrets To Resume Writing

  1. Unprofessional Email Addresses
    The email address that you thought was funny or cool as a teenager or a young adult such as,, look ghastly when presented to an employer.

  2. Spelling Mistakes
    Check and double check for those errors in spelling, typing, and grammar. Most people fail to realise how important it is to provide a well written document, which in this case is your resume.

  3. Personal Details
    Information about your age, gender, ethnicity and religion or marital status, this information is not required. There are laws against discriminating against those who do provide it.

  4. References
    Your remuneration, this includes your wage or salary and or previous positions should be discussed in private with the employer upon being offered the position. If a position states the remuneration and you'er not happy with it, negotiate it with the employer prior to accepting the position or simply don't apply for the position.

  5. Slang or Humour
    Give the employer and your resume the respect it deserves by keeping your resume in a serious tone leaving out any slang or humour. Its not funny trying to by funny with your resume.

  6. Your Photo
    There's no need to include a photo unless you are applying for a modelling position, if the employer specifies that a photo must be included with your application, then by all means you should include your best business like image.

Now that you understand the foundations of our Resume Secrets Online Review and Secrets To Resume Writing, Would you like to know how to write the perfect Resume? Then click here

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