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Write Your Own Resume and Selection Criteria Answers

FACT: Paying hundreds of dollars for someone else to write your resume and provide answers to the selection criteria could be what stops you from landing your dream job. Don't let this harm your chances of success...

How do we know, you ask? We know because Kylie Dowell is regularly on selection and recruitment panels that see these embarrassing moments that let usually intelligent people down.

We've seen so many people gain an interview because they have a great resume and their selection criteria is well presented and articulated, but it's done by someone else. To make it worse, they have often paid hundreds of dollars for it!

Don't Let It All Fall Apart In Your Interview

During your interview it's highly likely you will be questioned about your answers provided, or asked to elaborate on a response. If you didn't write your selection criteria, you will possibly struggle to provide a solid answer in the interview. There's nothing wrong with getting some assistance with your resume and selection criteria, however, you need to be a major part of the process.

This is why it's important to write your own resume and answers to selection criteria.

  • So when posed with the question 'Who should Write your Resume?' The answer should simply be YOU!
  • We know it's not easy to write your resume and there is an art in answering selection criteria.

I see people struggling every day because I'm the one that is interviewing or teaching them. I've conducted hundreds of these in my extensive career and I know what you're going through.

How Can Our knowledge, Skills and Experience Help You?

Being previously employed in the Local Government arena as a Human Resource Planner, Kylie Dowell became familiar with the Local Government structure, environment, processes, culture and recruitment processes. During this time, and still today. Mrs Dowell sat in on countless interview and selection panels for Local Government and public sector agencies, read hundreds of resumes and selection criteria and seen so many individuals not get an interview due to not being able to address selection criteria or not having the ability to put together a sharp resume that really reflects their true ability.

She also experienced occasions where qualified people were not invited and missed out on an interview as they hadn't attended to selection criteria, as they felt they had covered it in their resume, Kylie feels really passionate about this and feel as though we owe it to help really talented people out there overcome these barriers and achieve their dream jobs...;

We've Written This eBook To Help You.

It brings together all of our knowledge, skills and experience to help you achieve success with job applications, that why it's called:
The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria

This ebook The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria explains how to avoid all these embarrassing situations. You know you are perfect for the job, you just need to know how to positively and accurately demonstrate it to your potential employer.

If you're ready for your dream job and want to take control of your career, once and for all you will love this ebook. Read here about how my new ebook can help you write a great resume that will get your foot in the door but then teach you how to confidently achieve that interview you have been working so hard for.

Learn How To Overcome The Obstacles In Your Way And Win Your Dream Job!

When you read and apply the success strategies and tips and take advantage of the proven examples we have included in this invaluable eBook on How to Write a Resume,We personally guarantee you will be successful in writing a professional and accurate resume. Keep in mind, you will have to be willing to apply yourself and be prepared to invest time into this. If you want to be part of the group that have been successful in gaining an interview, and if you really want that job you have always dreamed of, then this ebook is totally for you.

Remember, it all starts with YOU...
So are you ready? Download the eBook now: