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Resume Rescue FAQs

Are there really at least 50 examples of selection criteria in this ebook?

  • There certainly are over 50 examples of selection criteria in the Resume Rescue ebook to help us in answering selection criteria.

Can we get a look at the contents pages to see what else the ebook covers?

  • Yes you can, simply “like” us on Facebook and you will receive the first 6 pages for free which includes the contents pages so you can see what else the ebook package covers.

Can we get some resume examples without buying the ebook?

  • Yes you can get some resume examples by visiting our examples and samples page, where you can access a sample resume cover letter that is in Microsoft Word format, ready for you to start adapting; plus several examples of selection criteria to get you started on answering selection criteria.

What sort of examples of selection criteria does the ebook cover?

  • Resume Rescue’s ebook covers many areas and types of questions. We have selection criteria examples for customer service, qualifications, driver’s license, verbal and written skills, finance, administrative, problem solving, and legislation, plus many more.

Can I Use The Templates More Than Once?

  • You certainly can. All you need to do is just resave it as a template on your computer and change the name the next time you use it.

Can I print out the ebook and the templates out?

Is this the first edition?

  • Yes, this is the first edition and it was released on the 01/12/2011.

What format does the ebook come in?

  • The ebook itself comes in PDF format. If you don’t have a PDF reader on your computer you can download a free one from Adobe. The resume sample template, selection criteria and cover letter template all are in Microsoft Word documents.

How Will I Receive My Copy Of The eBook Package?

Can I read it on my iPad or mobile phone?

  • Yes, these documents can be read on iPads, your mobile iPhone and any other e-readers that allow you to read PDF and Microsoft Word documents.

What Microsoft version are the templates in?

  • The templates are in Microsoft Word version 97-2003 therefore allowing anyone with older versions of Microsoft Office back to 1997 and those with the latest Microsoft Office such as 2010, to open the files and use them on their computer.

I have Microsoft Works not Office, will I still be able to access and read the templates?

  • Yes, you certainly will be able to still access and read the templates.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to purchase your ebook from your website?

  • PayPal will allow you to pay via credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account and you don’t have to set up an account with them to be able to do this. Just follow the prompts and when asks for your method of payment select as Credit Card.

Once I pay for the ebook package how long will it be before I receive it?

  • When the payment has been processed by PayPal you will receive an email notification advising of such. Once you have received this notification from PayPal your email from Resume Rescue will shortly follow. This email is usually sent within 5 minutes of your payment being processed.

How often will you be sending out a newsletter?

  • We plan to send our newsletters out quarterly, however you can keep up to date with all our news by finding us on Facebook or go to our news page.

How many pages are there in the Resume Rescue ebook?

The ebook itself is 60 pages.

What if I enter the incorrect email when checking out?

  • If this happens, drop us an email to explaining what has occurred and we can fix it up to you to ensure you still get your Resume Rescue ebook package.

There is heaps of free information on the internet that can help people with resumes and writing selection criteria, what make this ebook different?

  • Yes, we know there is lots of free information out there to help you, even us at Resume Rescue gives away free information to help job seekers on the internet. However, there are many skills, techniques and insider knowledge that are not shared for free on the internet.

More Resume Rescue FAQs

How do you think professional resume writers successfully make a great income and why are they so expensive and why are there so many of them?

  • It’s because there is information and strategies professional resume writers don’t give away.  They have the skills, techniques and insider knowledge that you won’t find for free on the internet.

And it’s the same for the Resume Rescue ebook, we teach you what professional resume writers and employers either don’t want you to know or think you don’t know.  The Resume Rescue ebook package covers real life questions, questions from people who have struggled to write superb resumes;  people who have struggled to provide brilliant responses when addressing selection criteria; people who have already done their internet research. Resume Rescue has received great feedback from clients; have a look at the testimonials on our website.

Most people are capable of writing a standard resume, however with the job market tightening, you need something that really highlights your abilities and skills that will get your resume noticed above the other applicants. We believe in our product so much that we offer 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. This ebook packages opens doors to help you get that interview.

If after receiving the ebook I need help with my resume, can I contact someone directly?

  • As a thank you for purchasing the Resume Rescue ebook package, Resume Rescue offers a FREE 30 minute telephone review of either your resume or your selection criteria with our Manager, Kylie Dowell, in exchange for you sharing your success story, your testimony or any positive comments you have on the ebook package with us.

Information on how to book the review appointment is provided after you receive the product.

This offer is only available to those who have purchased the Resume Rescue ebook package, normally we would charge $150 for this service but it’s yours for FREE.

How Will Your eBook Assist Me In Getting A Government Job?

  • Our ebook package will help you with gaining a government interview as it teaches you how to effectively answer selection criteria. All Australian government positions have selection criteria that have to be answered as part of the selection process, knowing how to answer these and provide quality answers is your secret weapon to getting invited to an interview.

I'm an executive looking for executive and professional resume advice, can your ebook help me or is it just for school leavers?

  • Absolutely our ebook can help you, as the ebook covers different levels of applicants, abilities, and industries. Therefore, you will benefit greatly from it if you are an executive, a school leaver, a university graduate or a trades person.

Is the purchase of the book tax deductable?

  • There may be the opportunity to claim the purchase of this ebook package as a tax deduction if you are an Australian resident for tax purposes. However, we strongly advise that you seek advice from your accountant or tax agent as this will vary greatly on your circumstances. We would recommend you keep you receipt of purchase just in case. More information on this can be found here

I’m a stay at home mum and have been out of the workforce for 5 years, how will your book help me?

  • This ebook can help you by providing you with a step by step process on how to present your resume, selection criteria and cover letter, and what to write in your resume. Additionally, there is a section on how to identify and unlock your transferrable skills and how to adapt your resume to each different position you are applying for. You will also learn how employers, including government agencies and the public sector, shortlist applications for an interview which will provide you with an advantage above the other applicants.

Can your Free Resume Cover Letter template also be utilised for an Expression of Interest application?

  • Most definitely as the main content of the letter remains the same. All you need to do is change the second line that states “Re: Application for (insert name of position)” to “Re: Expression of Interest for (insert name of position)”. A copy of the Free Resume Cover Letter template can be accessed by clicking here.

Has anyone external reviewed the Resume Rescue ebook?