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Resume Rescue - Christmas Message

20 Dec 2013 8:30 AM -

Resume Rescue would like to wish all of our subscribers and fans a festive Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Congratulations to all those who have gained successful interviews and employment from us...

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How to Deal With Knock Backs – Keeping Positive in Tough Times

2 Dec 2013 8:00 AM -

Rejection is never an easy feeling to deal with. Knowing that, for one reason or another, you did not make the cut is a very obvious blow to your ego, and if you keep hearing that you aren’t a good match for the companies that you applied...

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Why Some Struggle To Toot Their Own Horn

18 Nov 2013 8:00 PM -

In a job market that is infamous for being cut-throat, learning how to simply drop a line about your skills and qualifications while networking is important. If people don’t know what you can do for their company, they won’t hire yo...

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Why You Don't Get The Job When You're Over Qualified

4 Nov 2013 8:00 AM -

Many of you would think that we now live in a more conventionally sensible world, and having more and more qualifications would make you a hot item in almost any industry. However Resume Rescue is here to tell you that there are...

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Give Your Resume a Health Check

21 Oct 2013 8:30 AM -

One of the most common issues that people have who are re-entering the job searching group after a long hiatus is that they have a resume which is obsolete. If you want to get a job these days, you are going to have to do a lot more to

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Technology Tips to Help You Get A Job

7 Oct 2013 8:00 PM -

Getting a job these days often requires a certain amount of technological savvy. If you aren't using your tech smarts, your newly acquired gadgets, or your internet reputation to help get to an exclusive interview, you are already way behind th...

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What Hiring Managers Don't Tell Job Applicants

30 Sep 2013 8:00 AM -

Did you ever wonder what secrets hiring managers keep from the applicants that they have to screen? Although rather controversial, Resume Rescue believes it’s important that we share these with you. This helpful guide will...

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7 Ways to Sabotage Your Chances at Getting a Job

16 Sep 2013 8:15 AM -

Have you been wondering why you simply haven't been hired yet? Believe it or not, the reason you may not have a job after months of searching may not be the employers' fault – it may be your own. Make sure you aren't committing these seve...

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Are You Cocky or Confident?

2 Sep 2013 8:00 PM -

Job seekers out there know, just as well as the hiring managers, that confidence can make or break a person's ability to get a good job. Confidence allows people to believe in you, and also makes you appear like a qualified, intelligent, and ca...

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Your Interview, Your Fashion

19 Aug 2013 8:00 AM -

During the old days back in the 1950s, it was always very obvious what kind of clothes you were expected to wear during a job interview. Now it's pretty safe to say that employers' expectations have changed – sometimes pretty drastically....

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5 Resume Writing Faux Pas

5 Aug 2013 2:45 PM -

Everyone loves to think of themselves as a resume writing genius, but the fact is that some of the most major mistakes people make when writing resumes are also some of the most common. Here are five major mistakes that could make the differenc...

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How to Build Confidence Before a Job Interview

29 Jul 2013 8:00 AM -

A job interview can be one of the hardest things for a person to face. The team at Resume Rescue understands that there are very few situations that can make a person feel judged like a harsh critic at a job interview, yet at th...

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Join the Resume Rescue Team

23 Jul 2013 1:00 PM -

Resume Rescue is delighted to announce that we now have an affiliate program in place.

If you have a passion to help others gain the interview to the job of the their dreams and are interested in anot...

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Indicators That It's Time To Find a New Job

15 Jul 2013 8:30 AM -

With the high cost of living these days, it's easy for people to feel like they should take any job that they have as a gift from god. Although many believe that you should be grateful for having a job during tough times, there are some times w...

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Tips for Finding Work In Australia For A Gap Year

1 Jul 2013 8:00 AM -

Taking a gap year is a great way to get job experience and a taste of the “real world” before you head off to your university. Studies have shown that people who take a gap year between high school and college are less likely to dro...

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