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Professional email address

2 Dec 2011 9:30 AM - The impacts of an email address

All of you out there that are writing resumes and submitting them via email listen up.  It is time we all get serious with the email addresses that you are providing in your resumes.

The email address that you provide in your resume could leave your inbox empty from prospective employers. If you want your job application and resumes to be taken serious, then seriously consider what email address you include or send your application from.

Email addresses such as or might have been cute and cool at high school or university. However, they are not appropriate to use when want to be taken seriously in the workplace.

You can get many free email addresses from Yahoo, Google, MSN, and some internet providers can provide you with more than one email address with your internet package. You can set up your Outlook or Outlook Express to collect emails from your different addresses to minimise the time of having to check them all individually.

Aim for something that identifies you as a person e.g. If your name is not available try variations of your name such as your first initial and your last name e.g. or if it is a family email address your family name e.g.

Either way let’s get serious with the email addresses that you are providing in your resume!