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Review of the Resume Rescue Ebook Package

7 May 2012 12:17 PM - Win that job with the ‘Resume Rescue’ eBook - Says Family Capers

We are delighted to share with you that The Family Capers Employment Hub has reviewed our Resume Rescue Ebook Package and had some great things to say.

The review was published in this months Family Capers online edition, here is a small snippet of what was written.

"....Whether you’re leaving school, returning to the workforce after a break or simply changing jobs in the middle of an established career, this no-nonsense, detailed guide will increase your chances of scoring an interview...."

"....I found myself nodding in agreement at Kylie’s advice throughout the book as well as discovering some interesting new techniques....."

".....This eBook is an extremely valuable tool for the job-seeker and will make life easier for selection panels too!  I highly recommend it...."

The full review on the Resume Rescue Ebook Package by the The Family Capers Employment Hub can be read here.