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Smashing Interview Tips

1 Oct 2012 9:16 AM - Demonstrate Confidence and Connect with the Interview Panel


We’ve all read the interview tips on being on time, do your research on the business etc., etc. Today we are sharing some smashing interview tips that you may not have read or seen before, that can help you in ways you may have never thought of. These tips will help you demonstrate confidence, connect with the interview panel, and help control your nerves.

Mock Interviews: Have someone practice with you on what you will say, how you would answer potential questions, and what questions you will be asking the interview panel. We all hate role play, however you will be surprised how much it will help you settle your nerves on the day and present yourself in a more confident manner.

Psyche in Dress: It is common knowledge that you need to present neatly, clean and appropriate for the position. What I am going to tell you is that there is a little bit of psyche in what you wear to your interview. If you want the interview panel to feel relaxed and easily relate to them from just your appearance ensure that you have done your homework and find out what colours are in the uniform policy or are worn in the organisation and then wear them.

For example, if the organisation wears combinations of blue, you should then where something blue. Why do you ask? Because it is a colour of attire that they are familiar with and familiarity creates a sense of ease, giving you a better chance to connect with the interview panel.

Be Aware of your Body Language: It might sound simple to you, however you would be surprised to hear that when some attend interviews, they are so nervous that they not only clam up at the mouth they also clam up with their body language. Sitting with their arms folded across their chest, their body slightly pointing in the opposite direction to the interview panel, and failing to make or keep eye contact with the panel. Try and keep your body language relaxed and positive during the interview, by facing your body towards the panel, keeping eye contact and smiling.

Settle your Nerves: It is natural to be nervous when attending an interview, however if not controlled nerves can often take over our body, here are some pointers to help you rein them in.

Go to the toilet 15 minutes before, yes the nervous pee. Take care of it 15 minutes before the interview so you can then focus on the interview itself. Restrict your fidgeting by keeping your hands in your lap, or by taking a drink of water if they offer you one. Having a drink can also help you bide some time when thinking about how you are going to answer the question they have just asked.

The interview panel is bound to ask questions relating to the position, its description and your application, therefore don’t be afraid to use examples from your application to help you answer their questions during the interview. They will be relevant and since you wrote the application you will be able to easily and usually confidently speak about them.

Participate in Pre-Testing: Ensure you participate in any pre-selection testing. On average one third of applicants will drop out or withdraw once they know there is pre-selection testing or there will be a test of their abilities on the day of the interview, giving you more of a chance of gaining the position and being successful.