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"Two job applications later and I got a job..."

"Your expert tips helped me so much with my job applications. I was feeling hopeless and jobless but after our session and your knowledge in the HR industry I walked away with much more confidence and focus with what I needed to do.

It was only 2 job applications later and I got a job that I am very happy at. Thanks again I thoroughly recommend your e-book."

M. Erbacher, Tumut NSW.


"Your ebook simplifies the process..."

“As a career advisor at a secondary school, the hardest thing about writing resumes and answering selection criteria is getting students to understand how to address selection criteria.

Your book simplifies the process and gives plenty of examples. I like how your ebook makes things simple and easy to understand and I would recommend it.”

P. Shirt, Tumut NSW.


"This ebook gives the exact information required and more..."

“The most annoying thing I find with writing resumes and selection criteria is not knowing what the employer is actually looking for and how to document your experiences to look appropriate for the employer. This ebook gives the exact information required and more.

I like the way the book is written in layman’s terms, this makes it easy to read and understand the terminology. This ebook hasn’t missed a thing and I would definitely recommend it as it is well worth every cent.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with everyone, this should make life a little easier for the average person struggling to keep up with the demands of employment criteria.”  

L. Hart, Tumut NSW.


"Demonstrates ways and corrections to overcome frustrations..."

"The most frustrating thing I found about writing selection criteria was the wording of selection criteria and dealing with questions that repeat themselves.

I also struggled with using the correct words, that did not sound simple or pedestrian and having appropriate examples that were relevant to the selection criteria. Or not having examples and having to fabricate my answer.

By using uncomplicated text and examples this ebook “The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria” demonstrates ways and corrections to overcome all of these frustrations.

I recommend this ebook to those wanting a career change, senior high school and university students. As it is reasonably priced, to the point and doesn’t use jargon."

C. Granger, Wagga Wagga NSW.


"Great Book"

"Thank you so much for this book! Before I was applying to so many jobs in so many places but was just never successful and did not know what I was doing wrong. After using this book I have had successful applications at 4 different places. One fantastic thing about the book is that it really helped me get inside of the employers mind, showing how applications are selected by breaking down and explaining every part of the selection criteria with clearly laid out examples.

This has meant I can show employers that I am right for the job by using the correctly formulated layout. As well as having great informational content the book contains templates and a collection of descriptive, positive words you can actually use to make sure your application stands out from the crowd. This book has re-vitalised my resume, which has, almost immediately, then shown real results. Thank you very much!"

George Lumb.


"My new resume has certainly attracted attention..."

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my job hunting has been going very well and I'm sure that the tips in your ebook certainly have a lot to do with it. Also, the resume and cover letter templates helped me see where I was going wrong.

My new resume has certainly attracted attention, because I think it's exactly what employers are looking for. I ended up with three job offers and was in the great position of being able to choose the one I wanted the most.
Thank you for your service, which I found to be professional, friendly and efficient.

I know that I couldn't have done this on my own and throughout the application and interview process the resume advice you gave me, coupled with your superb templates, gave me the confidence to really sell myself and thereby secure the opening I wanted.
I will definitely be recommending your package to family and friends."
Thanks again,
Raymond Cowie

Raymond Cowie.


"Thank you so much for writing this book!"

"I didn't realize how terrible my resume was until I started reading your tips. Turns out, it was my resume that was holding me back all along. After I rewrote my resume following your guidelines, I was able to realize my dreams, and land the job I always wanted. Thank you again for your amazing work, you have really changed my life!"

Tara Roberts.


"...thank you for the wonderful guidance on creating a professional resume and cover letter."

"I would like to take the time to thank you for the wonderful guidance on creating a professional resume and cover letter. The tips and "secrets" facilitate the making of the resume and are such great tools! I have applied at several different jobs and all of them have offered me an interview. I am currently employed in the nursing field and have attained something very important with the help of your ebook, Resume Rescue."

Jessica Capobianco, Long Island, NY

Jessica Capobianco.


"Definitely worth the money!"

"I just want to say writing an awesome resume is never easy as we thought. Many “examples” from the web are nowhere near how good this ebook can teach you. After reading this ebook I finally understand why I was not getting any interviews, so believe me, it’s definitely worth the money. I find it easy to read, understand and then put into practice. The articles on the website are just a taste of what is in the ebook and the included templates are the icing on the cake. Things are looking up for me thanks to this ebook, I have an interview next week!"

Patrick Y.


"I couldn’t be happier..."

"This book has so many tips and techniques. Within one week of purchasing your book I received two offers for permanent employment.  I couldn’t be happier and in these times your book came through when I needed work the most thank you."

Sarah Cummings, Dallas TX


"I was putting the wrong format on my resume...."

"I never knew I was putting the wrong format on my resume. I thought I had a great looking resume and I was still not getting calls. This book was awesome and after correcting just a few things I am working now in my dream job. Just wanted to say thanks to the author you’re awesome!"

Michelle Buchannan

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