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If you want to know how to land that dream job interview... then this is going to be the most important book you will ever read.

Here's why: The amazing new ebook Resume Rescue, The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria reveals the secrets of writing superb resumes and the insider info you need to provide the right responses to selection criteria.

Imagine actually landing that interview. Imagine actually landing that dream job! Wouldn't that be great? It is possible, you just need the tools! Or what about if you could start enjoy going to work every day in your new job how would it feel if you could love what you do?

Imagine being able to boost your earning capacity, by getting interviews for better jobs! It truly is possible, but you need to know how and that's what Resume Rescue can help you with. If you order this book today we guarantee a life changing experience, you will have access to everything immediately.

Have You Ever Read a Book On Resume Rescue Before?

It's a completely new approach to landing interviews! Why? Simply, every section in this ebook is there because you asked for it and people just like you all over the world have been searching for ways to improve their chances of getting a better job and now we have answered the real life questions they ask.

Questions from people who have struggled to write superb resumes. People who struggled to provide brilliant responses when addressing selection criteria, we have answered all these questions so you're in control and ready to land that big interview.

  1. It means no fluff, just the real answers you want to know.
  2. You'll discover all types of exciting tips.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in Resume Rescue, The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria

  • How to add significant inclusions to improve your resume
  • 3 simple hints to read between the lines and really understand selection criteria
  • The little-known way to write strong and successful selection criteria responses
  • 4 unique ideas for referees
  • 3 simple keys to make it easy for your prospective employer to read your resume and selection criteria

Discover in a matter of minutes how to apply all tips and techniques to your own resume.

  • What the employers don’t want you to know
  • Your secret weapon for using the abilities, skills and experience you already have
  • 9 positive power words that you must know
  • An easy way to have your prospective employer relate to you
  • How to format your resume so you stand out from the crowd
  • And, finally, what the selection panel thinks that you don't know

REVEALED! The Hidden Truth Behind Answering Selection Criteria That Gets You That Interview.

And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out in Resume Rescue, The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria and that's why you should own this ebook today. In fact, you can be reading it in as little as 5 minutes from now!

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Price: AUD $37.70

What's A Resource Like This worth To You?

To have the professional Career Advisor like Kylie Dowell do all this research for you usually costs you around $300. To have someone with her expertise and years of Selection Panel and recruitment experience to professionally write your resume and address your selection criteria could cost you $550. Learn more about why he can help you land enviable job interviews, including Public Sector jobs with hundreds of applicants! Find out more about Kylie Dowell now.

Everything is explained in plain english, which means it's dead-easy to read and understand and it's logically laid out in easy to follow stages, that's why Resume Rescue, The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria is such a bargain!

Get around $550 value for just $37.70!

That's right, a fraction of what it's really worth and why would we make it so affordable? Why would we give you the winning combination to get your dream job for less than 10% of what its worth?

Because Its A Promotion For A Limited Time Only

This is a strictly limited offer, the price will rise, so don't wait. right now we are inviting new readers to download Resume Rescue for just $37.70 but soon, we will raise the price again and the secret to winning application results will cost you more.

You'll Be Amazed At The Value Of Resume Rescue

Especially when you're in your brand new job! but how can we deliver all that valuable information at such a low, low price? There must be a catch, right? Its hard making ends meet these days! So we've made it extra easy and affordable to access the info you need to earn more!

We've kept our costs down so you can keep yours down. No printing, no expensive marketing costs to pass on, we’ve created the ultimate affordable guide. This is an electronic book (ebook) so it can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be reading it and discovering all these amazing secrets in as little as 5 minutes!

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Price: AUD $37.70

$37.70 Is A Drop In The Ocean When Compared

Where else can you get all this information that you will learn by simply purchasing this book? and don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

We do honestly appreciate your business as a customer and if you're not happy with what you discover from Resume Rescue, The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria, simply send us an email and we will refund your money in full (in fact, we would be embarrassed to keep it).

We are so confident that you will be pleased with everything in this book, given the fact that no one to-date has requested a refund that if you feel the need to ask, we will refund you no questions ask. That's about as fair as it gets, don't you agree?

So Here Is What We Will Do To Convince You Of Our Commitment

To make this the best investment you have ever made, we are going to throw in some free bonuses that are literally worth more in money terms than the ebook itself! Simply grab your copy of Resume Rescue, The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria right now, and here's what we will throw in:

FREE BONUS #1: Resume Template in Microsoft Word
This amazing bonus is all about how to get employers nodding their heads as they read. It’s all about the winning formatting and header combinations that make your resume a page turner! You'll discover:

  • How to ensure your job application stays intact and on the top of the pile
  • How to provide a professional, easy to read resume
  • How to adapt your resume for each different application

Not bad right? But that's not all you get! Because I'm also throwing in:

FREE BONUS #2: Resume Rescue Thesaurus
You don't know the power of words yet, but with this amazing bonus, you will! we will reveal the action words you need to capture interviewer's attention. This list of action words will give your ho-hum resume and application letters real WOW factor! We have developed a list of these action words for you to keep, to ensure you always have the perfect words for your resume and selection criteria.

FREE BONUS #3: Free Resume Review
With every purchase of The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria ebook Resume Rescue is giving away a FREE 30 minute telephone review of either your resume or your selection criteria with our Manager Kylie Dowell, who is the author of this successful ebook package. You can pay anywhere from $90.00 to $300 to have your resume reviewed and Resume Rescue is providing you a free review when you purchase our ebook. Even if you don’t use the ebook or resume templates provided, you’re still entitled to a free resume review. Normally, we would charge $150 for this service but it’s yours for FREE.

Take Advantage Of These Great Offers Today

We look forward to hearing from you and the information on gaining this appointment and your free resume review is provided once your purchase has been completed. Phew that's some list of FREE Gifts, right? A total of $300 in bonuses and they're each worth a lot more than you can imagine and they're all yours FREE.

These bonuses are the core of our business, they are the unique and powerful secrets that sets our business apart so they're very valuable, not just to you but to us too!So we can only offer them for a limited time.

Soon, we will need to go back to charging our usual premium consultation rate for these bonuses but we want you to have the greatest success and these bonuses will help take you there but you can't wait too long or word will get out and everything will change.

Don't Wait Another Minute And Lose Out

You need to have an edge to succeed but don't take our word for it on how great this package is, read what people just like you have to say about it:

I Got 5 Interviews From 5 Applications...

I would like to thank you for all the help and ideas for my resume and cover letter. Also thank you for all the tips you provided with my selection criteria. I have applied for 5 jobs and all 5 have offered me an interview I now have gained employment in the field I really wanted something I'm sure I wouldn't have had without all your help.
- Nicole Totani, Alice Springs.

One Employer Called me Within an Hour...

Thank you for your help with assembling my resume. Your direction and assistance resulted in a comprehensive and professional document. I recently sent my resume to two employers and have secured two job offers. One employer had me on the phone within an hour of receiving it by email and had basically given me the job sight unseen."
- A. Harding, Tumut NSW.

I definitely recommend this book...

I have already spoken to few of my colleagues who may be interested in it, the price is modest as opposed to some other ebooks out there. Its value for money.
- R. Pratap, Batlow NSW.

It is written in simple English that is easy to understand...

Kylie gives many different scenarios when explaining. I will definitely be recommending this book to anyone who is struggling with their Resume, or in fact, anyone who is applying for a job.
- S. Van Schalkwyk, Surfside NSW.

It covers everything that is required to get noticed...

As an immigrant and not knowing the format and interview techniques in Australia I really struggled with my Resume, and even more so, struggled with selection criteria and essential criteria as I find that it is difficult to know exactly what to say to sell yourself for the position.

Kylie has covered the latter topics so well that I now feel confident about applying for jobs.I think this ebook it is excellent value for money as it covers everything that is required to get noticed.

There are a lot of useful tips and examples that one can apply to their resume, I found it highly useful and informative.

It unearthed the hidden knowledge that I had and never used in my applications...

This book is simple yet powerful.....

Thank you Kylie, until I read your ebook I found writing resumes and answering selection criteria to be time consuming as I did not know how to address them correct and adequately.

This ebook showed me a step by step method to use and how the power of words could impact on your overall application.The book is simple yet powerful, it gives clear instructions, including what not to include in the application.

Its simple to use and lays out in detail of how easily the information can be applied to the criteria. It also unearthed the hidden knowledge that I had and never used in my applications.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. And these people are super happy. Just like you'll be.

Don't Leave This Page Empty Handed

For a mere $37.70, you're getting the answers you need ... PLUS MORE.

Please note that you can only get this product from us, its not available in libraries or anywhere else on the net. Just imagine being able to get these answers downloaded to your computer right away.

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Wishing you great success

Kylie Dowell and the Team

Price: AUD $37.70